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New Vehicles


Scania trucks always have that little bit extra as standard, making them the natural choice of drivers and operators everywhere.

Transport is a trust business. People count on you to get there on time, day in and day out. But reliability and uptime don’t come out of thin air. They come from Scania’s long tradition of delivering exactly what your business needs. With a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, the possibilities are endless. Make it a good experience. Make it a Scania.



Power, passion and performance. Scania long-haulage trucks combine the highest quality, cutting-edge technology with unique customising options. The result is outstanding operating economy, driver appeal and vehicles precisely suited to your business needs.

A Scania truck is in many ways a driver’s dream. Distinctive styling and generous cab comfort has earned worldwide recognition. Precise handling and stability make sure you arrive in the same great style you left.

Fuel economy and uptime are Scania hallmarks. You can always rely on optimum operating economy that benefits your business.

Whether you go with the awesome power of the legendary Scania V8 or with the renowned inline engines, you can always count on great performance and driveability. With a turn of the key you instantly feel the power that puts a confident smile on every driver’s face.




An unbeatable combination: the right vehicles backed up by the best services possible. For delivery solutions above the ordinary.

In the day-to-day world of multiple pick-ups and drop-offs, you need continuous vehicle availability in order to serve your customers on time. Scania distribution trucks, with their robust chassis and powertrains, provide the productivity and reliability you need, along with superb fuel economy, low emissions and excellent total operating economy. And every vehicle is ready to be integrated with tailored services to keep your business in motion. From financing and insurance, through maintenance for the whole vehicle, to service contracts customised to your operations. We make it easy for you to own a Scania. It’s all about delivery in motion.




Rugged. Robust. Reliable. The essence of the Scania Construction range. Trucks with excellent manoeuvrability and handling. Fit for hard work in the most challenging conditions.


special purpose

Special Purpose

Serving society. Keeping it safe. Making it function. Every special-purpose vehicle from Scania serves a crucial necessity in our society.

In many cases, these trucks are built for the people who put their lives on the line to save, help or protect others. Demanding tasks like rescue and fire-fighting, cleaning and refuse handling, defence and peace-keeping.

Often these vehicles are as highly specialised as they are complex. And Scania is there to help you meet the challenge with a solution that includes exactly the cab, engine, gearbox and chassis you need. This also includes specialised products like the Scania CrewCab and low-entry cab.

Vehicles that run on renewable fuels is another Scania specialty. Scania can supply trucks with engines adapted for ethanol with the same efficiency as a modern diesel engine, as well as trucks that are compatible with up to 100% biodiesel.

And of course it all comes with the reliability that has made Scania famous and a preferred choice, worldwide.