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WorkShop Services

T Nolan and sons is here to help your business efficiently.  You'll find our staff friendly and ever so helpful with any of your needs. 

As Scania builds some of the finest trucks, buses and engines in the world. Here at T Nolan & Sons we back Scania products up with services that deliver value, reliability and high uptime – giving you an excellent return on your investment. Scania services help you grow your business and keep it moving forwards.

Our highly professional service team is dedicated to making life a little easier for our customer. We offer flexible solutions to help maximise your uptime and meet your business goals. 

Using the latest Diagnostics equipment and drawing from our wealth of experience in commercial vehicles, specialising in Scania trucks. We carry out small and large services, repairs on trailers, tanks and fridges.

When you enter our workshops you will understand why not just anyone can be a Scania service technician. Our experts look after your cabs, engines, axles, tyres and bodywork. Our technicians will solve any problem you throw at them. They will also suggest improvements you hadn’t thought about, or knew were even possible. Whether the assignment is big or small, the goal is always the same: To make the most out of your vehicle, so that you can make the most out of your business.

As Scania is a leading manufacturer of heavy goods vehicles we understand just how important uptime is. We know how much an un expected breakdown can cost. This is time as well as money. We want all our customers to be happy and the only way to do that is ensure all their vehicles are road worthy at an appropriate time scale. 

This is why our workshops are there for you whatever the time, the place or your need. Since getting you back on the road as fast as possible is of greatest importance, our friendly staff in the workshop prioritise problems that can be solved right away. This means that a broken rear view mirror or a flat tyre won’t ruin your entire schedule. Should the challenge be more demanding, we will do whatever it takes to get it fixed.

When your vehicle comes into us we will give you an accurate time estimate so you can plan your drivers’ working day accordingly. There are as many reasons to choose a Scania workshop as there are fleet owners and drivers. The main reason however, is the unbeatable efficiency of letting the same people who know your vehicle from the inside out, take care of all service needs at the same time.

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